The objective of the workshop was to approach the pervasive, yet elusive topic of data quality management from several angles. To ensure a common frame of reference for the workshop, contributions were guided by the Framework for Quality Assurance of Data Publications at Research Data Repositories that was developed as part of a PhD project.

In the first part of the workshop, results from a comprehensive survey on data quality assurance at research data repositories that was conducted in the project re3data COREF were presented, followed by reflections on quality management from the perspective of the certification organization CoreTrustSeal. In the second part, repositories from earth and environmental sciences (PANGAEA), humanities (ARCHE) and social sciences (UK Data Archive) shared their approaches on data quality assurance. After these presentations, the participants joined breakout discussions, where they further discussed the quality assurance measures they perform and the challenges they face.

The workshop was attended by more than 70 participants, most reported working at a repository or a similar service. 10 participants stated that their repository had obtained a certificate, for example CoreTrustSeal.

Recordings and presentation slides of the first two parts of the workshop are published and linked below. A workshop report is planned and will be shared once published.

Workshop materials

Part 1: Data quality assurance from the perspective of a repository registry and certification organization

re3data COREF - Quality Management at Research Data Repositories. Results from a survey and Framework of Quality Assurance for Data Publications at Research Data Repositories (Maxi Kindling)

CoreTrustSeal - Data Quality Assurance from the Perspective of CoreTrustSeal (Hervé L’Hours)

Part 2: Repositories sharing their approach to quality management

ARCHE - Quality Assurance at ARCHE (Seta Štuhec)

UK Data Service - Data Quality Assurance at UK Data Service (Cristina Magder)


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