Using the re3data API

re3data offers detailed descriptions of more than 2600 repositories. These descriptions are based on the re3data Metadata Schema and can be accessed via the re3data API.

There are many conceivable use cases for re3data metadata. We set up a GitHub repository where we provide some examples for using the re3data API. The examples are implemented in R using Jupyter Notebooks. Jupyter Notebooks are interactive computational environments combining executable code and markdown text. The notebooks we provide outline the use case as well as each step in the process of data collection, processing and visualization (if applicable). Currently, the GitHub repository covers two use cases:

Identifying and collecting information about repositories catering to the medical research community

As a research data manager in medical science, you might be looking for a suitable repository for researchers at your institution to deposit their data. Suitable repositories might be catering to medical research, offering data upload and assigning DOIs to datasets. Repositories meeting these specifications can be identified via the re3data API. The API also provides the option to retrieve further information about these repositories, such as the name of the repository or a description.

Analyzing the distribution of certificates across repository types

As an observer of the repository landscape, you might be interested in conducting multivariate analysis of repository characteristics, for example the distribution of certification status across repository types. Research data repositories are diverse. The re3data Metadata Schema tries to account for that, resulting in rich and detailed metadata that can be accessed via the re3data API.

The notebooks were designed to be reused and adapted to fit other use cases. If your specific use case is not covered here, feel free to contact us:

Visit the GitHub repository...

This work "re3data_API" is a detrivative of Cat PNG 2 by Rojal, used under CC BY-NC 4.0, and is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0by the re3data team.

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